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The Things We Think and Do Not Say

At Dime Sports Group we wear our heart on our sleeve.  Our team share a common vision to do things differently, to do it better and to operate with our clients’ interests at the front of the queue.

Our people are our business. Those people are a collection of leaders that live our values.

Dime has been built on ideas, on a disruptive viewpoint and with a social purpose that underpins how we behave.

We remind ourselves each day and week of our ‘why’.

Business is returning to its original roots, the purpose for which it was initially created – to serve the community in which it operates and create ‘Shared Value’. Shared Value requires business to adopt policies and procedures, and develop purpose, that allow for revenue maximisation while offering benefits to the wider community and customers…Defining social purpose and using this as a company’s strategic positioning opens new opportunities for profit and growth while motivating and attracting clients, employees, business partners, and shareholders…it is not about putting Purpose ahead of profits, it is Purpose that drives profits…”

(Extract from ‘Legacy Sport, How to Win At The Business of Sport in the Age of Social Good’ N, Duffy 2020).